1. It is good to give homemade foods

A dog that has a bad nutrition You can see your life expectancy shortened by up to 50%, that is, if your pet would live 14 years, it will only be between six and seven. Sad no?


In the nutrition of your dog everything is important, especially the balance of nutrients , that is to say how much of one or the other your dog receives. When there is a mismatch they are promoted diseases or deformations that shorten his life, "he says. Marcial Guevara , pet care specialist of Eukanuba .

Because of the importance of procures the good nutrition of your dog , Guevara shares us, in an interview with GetQoralHealth , the most common myths about yournutrition .


1. It is good to give homemade foods

Even if you think it's better because the croquette It is very dry, the reality is that with the food you prepare your dog does not get even the nutrients nor the balance needed to be healthy.


2. Adding foods to your croquettes improves them

The croquettes are already level with the nutrients necessary, adding ham or rice to make it more tasty only alters the balance and it generates your dog damages like obesity .


3. Some ingredients alter their behavior

It's a lie that certain foods like chili make more or less aggressive to your dog. His behavior has to do with the education What you give from puppy, not with food.


4. For the shine of the hair give it ...

You may have heard that giving egg or corn oil helps you have a hair healthy and shiny, but it's a lie. That your dog looks and is healthy you achieve it by promoting theBalance in their nutrition, and giving them a specialized food that has fatty acids .


5. The sweets are not limited

It is a good idea to give "rewards" when you do something right or you want to consent, but you should not overdo it either. It is recommended that no more than 10% of the intake of calories that your dog has come from candies . Three or four cookies a day are enough.


So, what food to give?

Commercial foods are called "balanced" because they have all the nutrients that your dog needs and in the right proportions to keep it healthy and strong, in addition to preventing it from developingdiseases for deficiencies.

There is no general rule for a food be better than another, rather you have to consider the characteristics specific to your dog .


  • Age
  • Race (size)
  • Physiological status (for example if you have a dog and are lactating)
  • Physical activity

Remember that you should not "marry" with a brand of croquettes , the stages of life change and therefore the nutrients that you need dog as well. Love your pet as she does with you and take care of your diet so that she lives for many years by your side.

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