1. It is a danger

On average, a person reviews their smartphone 150 times during a 16-hour day, and you can not leave it for more than six minutes. For many this small device is already a addiction , that's why we present you excellent reasons not to use your cell phone, at least for a day.

In this sense, a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions , indicates that 60% of the participants, university students, think that they can be really addicts to its mobile .   

Even if you think that this challenge is not possible , here we present some reasons that may make you think seriously about getting rid of your mobile one day.


1. It is a danger

Yes, despite the large preventive campaigns, many people still answer calls and messages while handle , a situation that puts your life and that of others at risk. Having this habit increases up to 23 times more the chances of suffering a road accident .


2. You take care of your brain

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) , classified the radio frequency fields , emitted by devices such as cell phones, as possible carcinogenic for human beings. your brain he is the one that more risk suffers of suffering tumors by constant exhibition.


3. You will sleep as "baby"

The luminescence of your cell phone reduces the production of melatonin , resulting in an impediment for you to conciliate the dream . It also prolongs the time it takes you to fall asleep, says a study in the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) .


4. Do not bother others

In a study of Southern Arkansas University , 97% of the participants indicated that they consider it rude to attend the mobile in a movie theater, since this "harmless" act distracts them from the movie.


5. Protect your neck

By tilting your head forward, almost collapsing on the neck , you create an unnecessary pressure on him that becomes up to 5kg, problem known as "iSlouch " This can generate injuries in the area that are irreversible, says the chiropractor Matt Herba .


6. You avoid stumbling

According to an investigation of the British Medical Journal , one in three people is distracted with their mobile while walking down the street. Stumble , it can cause you beyond public embarrassment, serious injuries .


7. Return to reality

Even though your cell phone keeps you connected, it is better that you have a day to live together with your friends in person and without interruptions. Researchers of the University of Southern Maine they claim that the mere proximity of your Smartphone distracts your Attention , even if you do not use it.


8. You see better

A person must to blink between 16 and 20 times per minute, however when you use your cell phone you only do it from six to eight, which can cause you Dry Eye and prevent you from seeing correctly, says a study of the Complutense University of Madrid .


9. Do not fight

In recent years there has been an increase in the violence between spouses through cell phones, indicates the psychologist Carmen Rodríguez . In addition, a Forbes study reveals that three out of five people admit that they spend more time with their cell phone than with their partner .


10. You take care of it

Not everything revolves around you, if you really like your mobile , you should know that by not turning it off you never reduce your time considerably "lifetime ", Which on average should be two years working perfectly.

And it's really an addiction, about 75% of people frequently use their mobile while doing his "needs". And even more of these appliances are sold than toothbrushes in the world, according to the study Mobile Marketing Statistics

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