1. If you go to sleep a lot

Buffers are the perfect solution when the menstrual flow is abundant, or you go to the pool or to the beach and you do not want to miss the moment for anything in the world.

But when we use them excessively, there are consequences that can result in vaginal infections And till Toxic Shock Syndrome.

That's why you avoid using them:


1. If you go to sleep a lot

The tampons are indicated to change them every 4-6 hours, If you have contemplated sleeping more than 8 hours, better use a night sanitary towel.  


2. When you start menstruating and the flow is not abundant

It is not necessary to enter a buffer "preventive" mode , because then it would be absorbing the normal vaginal discharge, which is responsible for keeping the vaginal flora in balance and avoid dryness

Doing this can cause a vaginal infection.

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