1. Donald Trump

Surely you've noticed that there are several ugly celebrities with beautiful daughters It is not about being derogatory with this article, we just want to show how genetics can play out of the ordinary roles.

A study conducted by the Aberdeen University , Scotland, points out that the symmetrical features of a person's face are indicators of genetic quality.

However, the physical characteristics of each person are the result of the combination of four possible forms, these are inherited by the father and mother, which causes many traits of the parents to be lost.

The list presented below is the clear example of the game of probabilities that genetics has, because although the celebrities we have selected are unattractive, their daughters are very attractive.


1. Donald Trump

The millionaire and now aspiring to the presidency of the United States is not known for being very attractive, but his daughter Ivanka is always the center of attention for its beauty.

Video Medicine: Donald Trump full press conference at the Rose Garden | January 4, 2019 (September 2021).