1. Do not socialize with someone you do not know

Surely it has happened to you that you suffer great insecurity with the things you do every day and even if you want to hide it, there are signs that you do not have confidence in yourself , that is why you must modify them to feel better.

As the writer mentions Judi James in his book Art of trusting oneself , you have to dare to be different from others, be strong and forge your character.

To do the above, you must first identify some signs that show your lack of confidence:


1. Do not socialize with someone you do not know

When you create a barrier between you and people you do not know, you only show that you are a shy person who does not like to create new relationships for fear of what might happen.


2. Fear of speaking in public

Having little confidence in you prevents you from being able to direct yourself to a group of people, so you avoid this action whenever it occurs.

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