1. Diabetes

For every 30 minutes of dream that you lose during the week you increase the risk of suffering by 17% obesity , says a new study. The worst thing is that the consequences of not sleeping can be even more serious.

The researchers of the Weill Cornell Medical College of Doha , indicate that the participants of your study, people with type 2 diabetes , who lost hours of dream every weekday they were 72% more likely to be obese .

"With the 12-month follow-up, we found that just 30 minutes a day of sleep debt have significant effects on the risk of suffering obesity in the long term ", explains Shahrad Taheri , leader of the study.

These are some other serious consequences of not sleep adequately.


1. Diabetes

Increase by 39% the risk of your body developing resistance to insulin , according to the study of Shahrad Taheri . This causes the blood sugar level to trigger, causing diabetes .

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