1. Delineate your wishes

¿How to find the idea couple l? How to achieve this balance to have a healthy relationship and not repeat the previous ones? We all want to love and be loved, but when you're single, it seems like that special person will not come.

Perfection does not exist, much less when it comes to personal relationships. What is true is that in the world of love there are people with whom we gear incredibly and others with whom we can not do it.

A study of Journal of Personality and Social Psycology He points out that the ideal couple is not only the one who understands us and gives us what we want or expect: it is the one that helps us grow and be better.

Take into account the following recommendations of the researchers:


1. Delineate your wishes

Saying "I want an ideal partner" or "perfect" is very simple, but what should that person have? What makes someone ideal for you, complements you?

Being clear about what those essential characteristics are will help you establish a much more effective filter when looking for a partner.

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