1. Contaminates food

The unicel and its dangers they are subjects that must be considered in detail, since this material, derived from polystyrene, is generally used in utensils for food that seriously damage health.

Since the Dr. Edward Fujimoto , of the Hospital Castle He announced that the unicel and different plastic utensils release toxic substances harmful to health, is that their negative effects were taken into account.

On this occasion we want to share 5 reasons why you should not use the unicel:


1. Contaminates food

Heating food in the microwave is common today, but using unicel containers is harmful in the long term.

When the unicel is heated it releases substances such as dioxins that are capable of causing poisoning and cancer.


2. Garbage generator

When this material is discarded, a large amount of waste is created. The Federal Consumer Procurator's Office estimates that around 8 million tons are produced annually in Mexico.


3. Poisons natural resources

In addition to contaminating the food, once the waste is discarded, it causes serious damage to the environment, such as water and air pollution, causing imbalances in the ecosystems.

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