1. Battle ropes

Women who perform exercises of resistance , two to three times a week, they are 20% less likely to develop diseases of the heart or spills cerebral , indicates a study published in the Circulation magazine .

East study confirms that every effort to be physically active improves the health of your heart, so we share exercises with rope what will they do to you burn calories , sweat and increase your heart rate.


1. Battle ropes

It is a high intensity work. It involves holding a rope with each hand to make wave or circular movements. You exercise intensely the muscles of arms, shoulders and legs. You burn up 1,000 calories by hour .



2. Jumps

When jumping by 30 minutes the rope you burn 330 calories . You can strengthen your joints, harden the bones, legs, arms and buttocks. It is not recommended if you have problems in the spine or heart.



3. Trunk rotation

You will feel the work in the central abdomen. It allows you burn calories of this area. With four series of 12 to 15 repetitions you will eliminate more kilos in a short time.

4. Triceps with cross trainer

With this exercise you increase your heart rate and at the same time tone your arms, chest and shoulders. Make four series of 12 to 15 repetitions.


5. Climbing the rope

With 30 minutes of activity you burn more than 200 calories .



6. Shrinking with rope

Lie on the floor face up and hold the rope with your right hand and try to reach your knees and then slowly return. Repeat with the other hand. Do four circuits of 15 repetitions.


7. Suspension

With your own weight, with the suspension you increase your strength and endurance, but you also eliminate calories. With a resistance training of half an hour you eliminate around 200 calories , explains information of Harvard Medical School .


8. Waves alternating with jump

Take a rope in each hand, raise your right hand at shoulder height and move the rope and immediately do it with your left hand, then raise your arms, jump and hit the strings with the floor. With 10 minutes you get to burn up 112 calories .


9. Battle ropes alternating

Hold a rope with each hand with your feet open to the width of your shoulders and your knees slightly bent. Open and close your legs and arms at the same time. Repeat the movements 10 times and rest, complete four circuits. With 10 minutes burn more than 100 calories .


10. Squat with jump

Take one end of the rope with each hand. Make a squat and immediately jump. Make four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions and rest 30 seconds for each circuit.

If what you are looking for is burn calories , the exercises with rope they are effective because they provide a training cardiovascular . The key is to work with rhythm and strength each routine.

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