1. Abnormal lumps

Only 2% of people who present symptom of "alarm" of Cancer consider this one of the causes, according to a study of the University College Londo n. And men often ignore the signs that something is wrong with their health.

The symptoms of Cancer they are not always recognizable, however there are some physical changes that give them away and that should not be ignored by the mens , but they are, like a bleeding inexplicable.


When there is blood in a man's urine, it may be an early sign of bladder cancer or a more advanced prostate. And in the stool it can be related to colorectal or anal cancer, "he says. Sean Cavanaugh , radiation oncologist of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America .

In addition to bleeding in the urine, we present the symptoms of Cancer that men should not ignore, based on information from MD Anderson Cancer Center , from the University of Texas.


1. Abnormal lumps

The balls that appear under the skin in areas such as breasts, testicles , lymph nodes and soft tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, are signs of various cancers . Especially if they present a progressive growth.


2. Changes in the testicles

Either one or both testicles become larger, present a lump, swell suddenly and repeatedly or weigh "extra", are common symptoms of Testicular cancer . This is more common in young and middle-aged men.


3. Damage to the skin

For those who work long hours under the sun or in the open air, the risk of skin cancer it is bigger. Presenting peeling, sores that do not heal, warts , as well as more moles or change in the color of freckles, are signs that need medical review.


4. Persistent cough

When a cough or hoarseness lasts more than three weeks, whether a man smokes or not, can be a symptom of lung cancer . Difficulty breathing or coughing blood they are also signs that should not be overlooked.


5. Unexplained weight loss

When low weight without changing the diet or exercising, even when you think it is necessary to lose them, having no apparent reason can be a symptom of cancers such as stomach, esophagus or lung cancer.


6. Constant fatigue

Feeling too much tired to perform activities that were not complicated before, even if you do not rest at times is a symptom of leukemia , as well as colon and stomach cancer.


7. Pain

Whether they feel a pain permanent back, head, abs or stomach, although it may be a sign of other ailments, it may also be a sign that the Cancer is increasing.

Paying attention to body changes can help men to detect skin cancers in a timely manner, prostate , colon and lung, which are the most affected, according to the American Cancer Society

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