1 / 8C + (D-d) 3 / 8xTI MxNA.

This Monday 16th is the day marked as 'blue monday', which since 2005 was pointed out by the psychologist of the University of Cardiff, Cliff Arnall; as the worst day par excellence.

The third Monday of January, is the indicated one, thanks to this mathematical formula:


1 / 8C + (D-d) 3 / 8xTI MxNA.

C = climatic factor

D = the debts acquired during the holiday season

d = the money they charge you at the end of January

T = is the time since Christmas

I = period since the last failed attempt to leave a bad habit

M = are the motivations that remain,

NA = need to act to change life

Video Medicine: "Blue Monday" el día más triste del año | andyjohnson24 (May 2021).